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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Bunch of Birthdays

     Since my latest grandson was born on September 11, I now have four grandchildren who have birthdays in September.  After making 50 birth announcements for my grandson, I made birthday cards for three of my grandchildren.

     My granddaughter's favorite color is pink with purple being a close second.  She also loves cupcakes, and for her birthday we made pink cupcakes together.

The card slides up, and the inside reveals the birthday message.

I got a bit carried away with slider cards!  For my grandson who just turned seven, I found a birthday riddle for his card.  I found a font that was similar to the stamped "Happy Birthday" and then printed out the riddle on card stock.

When the center of the card was pulled up, the answer was revealed!

For my grandson who just turned five, I added a bit of sparkle to the front of his card with some Stickles that I painted on!  

Everyone had a great time celebrating his/her birthday! 
 Now it's on to Halloween cards for all seven grandchildren

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